The Internet, Myth Vs Reality… What You Need and What You Don’t

Many of you reading this blog may be in the same place I was about a year ago. Maybe you are a new shooter? Maybe you are an experienced shooter but new to the Precision Rifle Series, similar competitions, or just intrigued by the idea? You might have the idea that you need to upgrade your gear to compete? Now, let me say that nothing will make you a great shooter other than practice, and a LOT of it. But, if you are thinking you need to upgrade, you probably do. Whether it be a different optic, chambering, trigger, barrel, or all of the above in a completely new build, […]

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  This months blog post is about barrel cleaning, muzzle brakes, barrel crowns, and turbulence. I am not a ballistician nor a gunsmith . I am not a physicist, nor do I own any high-tech gizmos, cameras with ridiculously fast shutter speeds to capture slow motion footage of a bullet exiting the muzzle. This is simply an anecdotal account of my personal experience with muzzle brakes and carbon fouling near the crown of a rifle barrel. Anyone who has frequented the internet forums dealing with precision rifle knows the arguments about barrel break-in, cleaning procedures, frequency, chemicals, and what not; some based in reality, some based in pure myth. Personally, […]

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Steel City Match. Reflections and Lessons Learned.

  There were some obvious takeaways from the Steel City Precision Rifle Challenge. Mainly, nothing can prepare you for the mental stresses that will test your cognitive abilities from all levels during a PRS match, except shooting matches… A LOT of matches. That was something that I did not do this year. Another big takeaway, and a lesson we’ve all learned but seem to forget is Murphy’s Law is ‘real’, Murphy doesn’t mess around.  So if you can bring extra mags, bring ’em. If you can bring spare parts, bring ’em. If you have something that you think might go down, or is on it’s way, it will! Overall, this […]

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Effective Practice

    “Practice makes Perfect.” We’ve all heard that motto/mantra over and over our whole lives. However, that statement is absolutely false. Yep. False. Practicing, by itself, won’t necessarily make anyone better, much less, ‘perfect.’ Practicing the wrong thing could possibly make someone worse, or even injured… The key word is ‘perfect’ so everyone should change that phrase right now to “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.” Specifically for the precision rifle game, learning how to practice perfectly is key. It saves you time, wear on barrel life and other parts, bullets, brass, primers, powder…money. For me, it comes down to gathering accurate dope, and technically, just the barricade. Building a simple […]

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God, Guns, and Guitars

As I sit here writing the first blog for the new OTM website, I can’t help but marvel at the way life works out sometimes. Six months ago I was a professional musician, with a hobby of LR/Precision Rifle. All I knew then was that I wanted to get to one of these Precision Rifle Series matches that I had been reading about on the web for a couple of years, following the trends, learning the names of the top shooters, deciding what company to have build my competition rifle… etc. Fast forward, and here I am sitting in the same office with Joe and Mark, feeling both humbled and […]

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