God, Guns, and Guitars

As I sit here writing the first blog for the new OTM website, I can’t help but marvel at the way life works out sometimes. Six months ago I was a professional musician, with a hobby of LR/Precision Rifle. All I knew then was that I wanted to get to one of these Precision Rifle Series matches that I had been reading about on the web for a couple of years, following the trends, learning the names of the top shooters, deciding what company to have build my competition rifle… etc.

Fast forward, and here I am sitting in the same office with Joe and Mark, feeling both humbled and honored to be here. I met Joe and Mark simply because OTM keeps lefty actions and stocks on the shelf, Joe spec’ed the perfect rifle for me, gave me a good deal, and had the parts shipped out to a smith the next day. I called back about 10 times within the next 24 hours with a zillion questions and Joe answered all of my questions and went above and beyond by holding on to a rifle scope for me and getting me all squared away when my build was done. Mark came in to check out the build and offered to let me come train with them. That same weekend, Mark and I drove down to the range together and just started talking about the typical stuff… bit of politics, family, but mostly our faith and how we both play guitar too.

The range was a different story. Not that the personalities changed, because they didn’t. What happened was I was shocked at how good these guys actually were. Joe shooting consecutive 1 whole groups and Mark getting hit after hit from seated and kneeling. I saw very quickly that I had a LONG way to go to be able to compete on that level, but the cool thing is they didn’t hold back and were more than helpful to coach me along.

About a month later, Mark called me out of the blue and said he had an open slot for me at a match and we could make the trip. After being introduced to the community, and shooting the match. I knew that I had found my home.

It takes a lot to switch careers mid-life, but anyone who has called OTM and talked with Joe, Mark, or Jay will understand why it makes sense. The whole company is just good people who are committed to the best quality and customer service. Hanging around these guys for 5 days a week is like getting a degree in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Over the past months, I have learned that the help and knowledge, and advice is extended to all customers, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the OTM team.

Who wouldn’t? The company is expanding, Joe will be building rifles next door, I get to test new gear, learn gunsmithing and reloading, and all while hanging out with some of the most genuinely honest people.

If you took the time to read this little blog, then you have probably already done business with OTM. If you haven’t, then we hope you will. We have some big things coming up that we are very excited about.

As for me, the new job is a bit challenging, but how often do you get to work in a field that you love. So I guess not much has changed. God, Guns, and Guitars.